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Working with me as your herbalist:






I draw from the  rich reservoir of traditional uses and knowledge of plant medicine as well as the ever evolving scientific understanding of herbal activity, human physiology and the relationship between the two. I am particularly interested in looking at each individual's wellness as basked within a web of interconnected factors; therefore I approach each person and their symptom picture with attention to body system integration, tissue states, mind-body connection, and the significance of inputs such as exercise, nutrition, social support, emotions, self-care,  and spirituality.

I always put care and energy into seeing how I can best support each person's unique situation. Consideration of the energetics of each herb and the energetics of the individual always informs the chosen herbal formulation. In addition to the tools my mind offers, I also utilize the deep intuitive wisdom of my heart and belly in choosing my recommendations and being a guide for you.

I invite you to come and tell me your story as we explore you, your symptoms, and your world together. I believe your body is wise, and your symptoms are teachers that we can explore together.


In addition to being a listener and providing a self-reflective space, I will custom formulate appropriate herbs in appropriate doses that will best support you and your individuality, as well as offer food and lifestyle suggestions to further complement this care.


I meet you where you are in the moment, and together we find ways— with the help of the plants— to awaken your body/mind's own innate understanding of how to move more into balance and aliveness. I consider it a dear honor to work with you.


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