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All Local Plant Medicine:

You can find me selling these at the farmer's market in Sebastopol

on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

If you would like to purchase outside of the market,

message me through contacts, or email me, with your order

and address and I can ship.


All of these medicines are made with organic local plants from

California, as well as some farms from Oregon and Washington.

The alcohol used for the tinctures is made from biodynamically grown

grapes from the central valley. Any honey and apple cider vinegar

used is raw and local. I aim for the lowest amount of alcohol

necessary for proper extraction. I believe this is the medicine we

ought to be ingesting: plants thriving close to home in fermented

grapes (grape alcohol) and apples (apple cider vinegar) which 

our body recognizes and assimilates.

Earth Milk

~A deeply nourishing, restoring & cleansing daily tonic ~

(nettles, milky oats, burdock & reishi mushroom, biodynamically grown grape alcohol)

1 oz $15; 2 oz $ 28; 4 oz $54

Corazon Sacratisimo

~For your sacred heart—calming & uplifting medicine ~

(holy basil, mimosa bark/ flower, fresh roses/honey & lemon balm, biodynamically grown grape alcohol)

1 oz $15; 2 oz $ 28; 4 oz $54

Elixir of Protection

~A vital brew of local fruits, leaves and mushrooms to keep your immune system awake & balanced~

(Elderberries/honey, rose hips, lemon balm, turkey tail, shiitake & reishi mushroom (all local shrooms!), biodynamically grown grape alcohol)

1 oz $15; 2 oz $ 28; 4 oz $54


~To nourish your nerves, unwind tension & bring more calm into your being ~

(skullcap, milky oats, roses/honey, motherwort & ashwaganda)


1 oz $15; 2 oz $ 28; 4 oz $54

Backyard Bitters

~An aromatic—bitter infused with local plants to enhance your digestion & overall vitality~

(citrus peel, burdock, angelica, fennel, artichoke & ginger)


1 oz $15; 2 oz $ 28; 4 oz $54

Fiery Cider:
~A cherished heirloom tonic to awaken digestion, fortify immunity, decongest stagnancy & invigorate your being~

(horseradish, ginger, garlic, onions, cayenne peppers, turmeric & honey in Apple Cider Vinegar)


4 oz $13; 8 oz $22; 16 oz $34

Honey Elixir -Lung Tonic

~Helping to soothe, expectorate, and protect the lungs~

(mullein, elecampane, reishi mushroom, elderberry, marshmallow, rosehips, hyssop & holy basil with honey and a touch of biodynamically grown grape alcohol).

2 oz $24


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